Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

Proper pelvic alignment is essential for optimal fetal growth, fetal positioning, and delivery. Many of my expecting moms are referred to my practice because they are either having lower back and pelvic pain, or they are carrying a baby who is breech. Chiropractic adjustments can help with both!

The pelvis is made of 3 bones, 2 “wings” called the ilia, and the sacrum which is the triangular bone at the bottom of our spine. The sacroiliac joints (right and left) are formed by the junction of the sacrum and the ilia. The lumbar spine is the area which is above the sacrum.

When the fetus grows, the mothers pelvis will tilt and expand to make room for the growing uterus. This results in jamming of the joints in the lumbar spine (called facet joints) and pressure/misalignment of the sacroiliac joints.

Sciatic pain is common during pregnancy because the nerves which exit the lumbar spine ultimately form the sciatic nerve. This can be compressed when the vertebrae shift out of alignment (vertebral subluxation) or when the piriformis muscle in the pelvis is is spasm.

Chiropractic care is gentle, and in my office I use specially designed pillows which allow a pregnant mom to lie face down. I also use pelvic blocking techniques, and soft tissue release. The goal is proper alignment and function of the pelvis. When this occurs, space is created to allow for optimal fetal positioning, and the breech baby can turn itself down.

Dr. Hourihan is the only chiropractor in Bergen County, NJ who is Board Certified in Pediatrics. This intensive post-grad 3 year program included extensive information on pregnancy and birth. This education sets her apart and allows for specialization in chiropractic care in pediatrics and pregnancy.