Chiropractic & Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic can help shoulder and arm pain! Although Chiropractors are known for treating conditions of the spine (back pain, neck pain), chiropractic care can be beneficial in relieving pain and stiffness of the shoulder and arm. Some common shoulder conditions include:

  • tendonitis
  • frozen shoulder
  • rotator cuff injury
  • bursitis
  • strain/sprain injury

Frozen shoulder can be severely painful and limiting. Simple activities such as getting dressed or combing your hair may become difficult. It is important to maintain the range of motion after a shoulder injury to prevent frozen shoulder from occurring.

Shoulder and arm pain are often related to the nerves which exit the spinal cord in the areas of the neck and upper back. Misalignments in the upper ribs as well as the spine can directly effect the function of the muscles in the shoulder.

How can a Doctor of Chiropractic help shoulder conditions?

I can treat shoulder conditions by carefully examining the shoulder, the spine, and the associated soft tissues. Assessing prior injury, as well as current lifestyle, exercise, work and sleep habits all contribute to diagnosis. In my practice, once the cause of your shoulder or arm pain is identified, I use techniques to adjust the spine and increase mobility in the shoulder. In addition to adjustments, I recommend massage, heat or ice packs, stretches, posture exercises, and strengthening exercises.

Is it possible shoulder pain is due to poor posture?

Being in practice over 20 years, I treat more than just back and neck pain! At Balance Chiropractic we are focused on your overall health and well-being. When a patient presents with shoulder or arm pain, we dont just look at the shoulder or arm! Careful analysis of posture, spinal alignment, and ranges of motion are performed.

With more people working at computers and staring down at phones, the body’s alignment has suffered. Tight hip flexors from sitting, a forward head, rounded shoulders, and weak core muscles can result. The term “tech neck” or “text neck” is often used to describe the slouched upper body and head. These positions directly impact our nervous system as well as circulation and lymphatic drainage. Shoulder pain and arm pain can be a result of poor posture leading to less mobility in the neck and upper back and stiffness in the shoulders and arms. Patients may experience pain, stiffness, or tingling/numbness down the arm and into the hand. As a chiropractor, I always assess the upper back and neck as well as the ribs and clavicle for misalignments. If you are having shoulder and arm pain, get examined by a chiropractor today!